Balance Analog Magpha EQ plugin

Demo plugin is same as full version but saving is disabled.

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Version history


  • Now mono track compatible.
  • Fade knobs when band is off.
  • Option for quarter dB steps (half dB when double gain enabled).
  • Fix double gain range clipping to +/-9dB on project reload.
  • Fix raised CPU usage when playback stopped.


  • Fix incorrect peak gain values halved introduced in v2.0.0.
  • Fix invalid Mac AAX binary.


  • Add high/low shelves with extended frequency ranges.
  • Add new presets for shelving.
  • Allow keyboard entry of 'k' frequencies e.g. '6.3k' converts to '6300'.
  • Optional double +/- 18dB gain range suitable for mixing.
  • Improved fix to zero-latency on bypass with some DAWs.
  • Bypass buttons now display e.g. "Off" when off.


  • AAX version for ProTools users.
  • Fix zero latency on bypass for some DAWs.


  • Optional non-stepped, continuous knobs/textbox values.
  • Improved user interface:
    • More tactile buttons & knobs.
    • More usable in low light conditions.


  • Optional smaller, more compact user interface.
  • Optional knob markers for extra visual feedback.
  • Option to truncate textbox values to 2 decimal places.
  • Fix issue where sometimes default JUCE widget controls display.


  • Fix auval not validating for some combinations of OSX/Logic.


  • Initial release.

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