Balance Analog Magpha EQ plugin

True analogue phase mastering/buss equaliser

The Balance Mastering 'Analog Magpha' EQ plugin.

A plugin EQ to rival analogue hardware

We wouldn't release a mastering equaliser unless it rivalled the sound and usability of the analogue hardware we have in our studio. But we are now ready with the Analog Magpha EQ.

This EQ is the result of years of mastering experience and has been a secret weapon in getting exactly the right sound for our clients. We hope it can help you too, whether placed on a track, subgroup or the master channel, this EQ delivers a silky smooth sound that's as warm as it is pure.


  • Sound
    • Very open, smooth sounding curves.
    • True analogue phase behaviour right up to 20000Hz.
    • Optional very broad Q factors (<0.1), great for final wideband tone sculpting.
  • Technology
    • Extremely accurate match of analogue prototype curves in magnitude and phase.
    • Low latency performance.
    • Windows, Mac and Linux version available.
  • Interface
    • Minimal, zero-eye-candy interface reinforces the use-your-ears approach.
    • Stepped controls, carefully chosen to aid comparisons and guide decision making.
    • Stereo/Mid/Side band modes for full stereo field control.
  • Filters
    • 6 peaking filter bands.
    • Low & high shelves with extended frequency ranges.

True analogue phase

Under the hood we've developed a new technology that gives extremely accurate match of analogue prototype curves in both magnitude and phase. While most modern digital EQs do a good job at matching the magnitude of analogue filters, they do not match the analogue phase.

The lower panel shows that Analog Magpha EQ matches analogue phase right up to 20kHz, even at standard sample rates. This is often perceived as an "open", "pure" sound which is prized in analogue hardware by many engineers, especially when a few bands of mid or high frequency EQ is engaged.

Use-your-ears interface

We believe that key to creating great sounds is to use your ears. That's why our user interface is fully designed to reinforce the feedback loop between control and ear.

As engineers, it is easy to be distracted by visual feedback (consciously or unconsciously). Our UI design has minimal graphic elements, so that we don't dial in "shapes" by habit. This way we are constantly involved in the control-listen-evaluate working loop, which quickens the search for the best possible sound.

Download free demo

Download demo

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£ 110 GBP

Plugin support & feedback

Not working? Please email us directly if something doesn't work! The quickest way to get a solution is by email.

Also, feel free to just get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas. We'd love to hear from you.

Audio Engineering Society talk/paper

For the technically inclined, we presented the new technology that this plugin is based upon, with accompanying peer-reviewed paper at the Audio Engineering Society's Milan 2018 event: Improving the Frequency Response Magnitude and Phase of Analogue-Matched Digital Filters

Version history


  • Fix incorrect settings on project reload with some DAW/OS combinations.


  • Now mono track compatible.
  • Fade knobs when band is off.
  • Option for quarter dB steps (half dB when double gain enabled).
  • Fix double gain range clipping to +/-9dB on project reload.
  • Fix raised CPU usage when playback stopped.


  • Fix incorrect peak gain values halved introduced in v2.0.0.
  • Fix invalid Mac AAX binary.


  • Add high/low shelves with extended frequency ranges.
  • Add new presets for shelving.
  • Allow keyboard entry of 'k' frequencies e.g. '6.3k' converts to '6300'.
  • Optional double +/- 18dB gain range suitable for mixing.
  • Improved fix to zero-latency on bypass with some DAWs.
  • Bypass buttons now display e.g. "Off" when off.


  • AAX version for ProTools users.
  • Fix zero latency on bypass for some DAWs.


  • Fix continuous knob reverting to stepped value on editor close/open.


  • Optional non-stepped, continuous knobs/textbox values.
  • Improved user interface:
    • More tactile buttons & knobs.
    • More usable in low light conditions.


  • Optional smaller, more compact user interface.
  • Optional knob markers for extra visual feedback.
  • Option to truncate textbox values to 2 decimal places.
  • Fix issue where sometimes default JUCE widget controls display.


  • Fix auval not validating for some combinations of OSX/Logic.


  • Initial release.

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