Watch Black Magic Darkness video Run! Dagger! Run!

Black Magic Darkness video still.

Fans of awkward juxtaposition rejoice, for your time has come! Press play and prepare to laugh and nod rhythmically. (Or if you're in work, stifle a giggle and quietly tap your mouse finger.)

We had the great pleasure of mastering this excellent full length debut from New Castle, Colorado's Black Magic Darkness a few months back and it's now been... unleashed... I think is the correct word. An epic essay in metal-with-a-nod-to-Lizzy, 'Cosmic Empire' is definitely an album in the truest sense of the word. A full consuming narrative woven over 12 tracks is a pretty rare thing these days and if you can't remember what that's like you can do yourself a favour by buying it now...

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Or better still if you like real physical things you can touch—and taste and smell if you wish—then order a CD copy...

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