Stream Tengui's Transference album: A lesson in club restraint.

Tengui's Transference cassette album closeup packaging.

Major, catch-up time. A pleasure to have mastered Tengui's 'Transference' album for the Broken20 offshoot label Broken60 (released last year, I know we're sorry but better posting late than never!) Tengui's music, DJ and live sets is some of my favourite in the modern (post-?!)dance realm, always provoking thought and meditatively worming his way into your brain with his horizontal club landscapes. This album is a lesson in 4/4 restraint, but I don't think I can write a better intro than Broken20's Dave Donnelly AKA Production Unit:

"Let's get the grand statement out of the way quickly: ‘Transference’ feels important. Now obviously that's a tricky one because we're releasing it. Self-evidently, we believe in it and appreciate it and are prepared to put our money, both figuratively and literally, where our mouth is on this. But ‘Transference’ feels different, like a newborn who's already worldly wise; a fresh but fully formed series of ideas and emotional expressions. And we know that we're blessed to be releasing it. As MB, resident at London’s much-missed techno night Colony, and as a live artist who's gathering plaudits all the way to Minimal Ssgs in Japan, Tengui aka Max Bacharach could easily have hawked ‘Transference’ to a dozen other labels, not (if you ask us) necessarily better, but assuredly bigger than the humble ship Broken60. But he likes what we do as much as we appreciate his thing, so we're locked in a comradely embrace."

Stream the album below...

Or purchase now on cassette/digital:
Direct from Broken20

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