Teaching mastering at Camden Roundhouse Rising festival

Camden Roundhouse Rising festival logo.

Iā€™ll be teaching a class on mastering as part of the Rising Festival at the Roundhouse, Camden this Thursday 20th February. The slot will come on the final day of a three day hands-on workshop involving industry speakers from many areas, all made possible by the good folks at CDR, Ableton and of course the Roundhouse. The idea is to help up and coming musicians and producers finish a track or build one from scratch in the three day period, learning new skills along the way.

Info here:
CDR website workshop info

Unfortunately the course is now fully booked. To those who aren't coming there is still an open call CDR gig which follows the regular Create-Define-Release format: Submit your tracks and come to the gig and hear them played on the soundsystem. A great chance to hear your own creations on a proper rig. That's this Saturday, here's the info: Roundhouse Rising CDR gig.

To those that are attending the class I look forward to meeting you and hearing your tracks!

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