Stream two tracks from Tom James Scott's 'Teal'

Tom James Scott Teal vinyl packaging detail.

Lovely to get the postcard edition of Tom James Scott's new full-length 'Teal' in the door recently. A few months back after working through a lot of heavy electronic material getting this album full of lush wide sounds was like coming up for air. A treat to master and just listen to.

Praise has come from many places including The Quietus and Tiny Mix Tapes, this is the sort of album which allows you to slip away from the here-and-now for a while, without the cost of taking a flight somewhere remote.

Stream 'Poppy Seed' and 'About Today' to get a feel for the album which you can purchase directly from the Skire label at the link below.

Buy 'Teal' direct from Skire.

You can find more info and browse other releases there too.

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