Stream Robert John Ardiff's haunting, evocative 'The Fall'

Robert John Ardiff 'The Fall' cover art.

For anyone that's been following our mastering work lately you'd be forgiven for thinking we only had an interest in dance music. Definitely not the case and we're happy to post the work of Robert John Ardiff's 'The Fall', whose unique take on acoustic music instantly struck us here at the studio when the mixes first came in. Listen below to the opener and title track, 'The Fall' and you'll hear what we mean.

There's an insistency behind the delicate start which comes to the fore at 01:15. A looming piano note that spreads into an ambience growing throughout the track like blotted ink. Recorded in a Parisian church in 2015, Ken McCabe provides sound design and engineering which is the perfect fit for Robert's honest and open songwriting.

A real pleasure to master.

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