Preview Fran Hartnett’s new EP with remixes by Sleeparchive and Charlton

Fran Hartnett Plector vinyl.

Loved mastering this excellent techno EP from Fran Hartnett with Charlton and Sleeparchive on the inner grooves. Introduced by Surgeon with his Fabric 53 mix, Fran makes tracks that hit big on soundsystems but aren't afraid of some exploration along the way. Charlton throws down a slippery eel of a remix and Sleeparchive brings a hypnotic loop interpretation of ‘Diagnostic’ on the B.

Check the previews here:

Crystal Phase EP is out now on Plector Records.

Buy it on 12" vinyl:
Phonica UK
Juno UK
Triple Vision EU

Buy digital download:
Juno Download

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