Private mastering lessons

1-on-1 music mastering teaching for producers and engineers delivered online.

We're now offering personal, 1-to-1 music mastering tutoring, direct with our mastering engineer and delivered online. Teaching slots are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Have a look at our front page for info on our studio and engineer and get in touch below.

Traditions in mastering teaching

Mastering is a difficult subject to teach in a traditional classroom or lesson-based way. This is why historically the only way to learn mastering properly has been to apprentice at an established mastering house, under an experienced engineer. Yet few producers have the hours to devote to a full-time apprenticeship and even fewer mastering studios have the resources to take on apprentices in-house. Our private tuition continues this apprenticeship tradition but brings it into the modern, online age.

Balance Mastering hardware equaliser.

Our approach

The tutoring gives you feedback on your own work and is delivered via:

  • Personal Skype tutorial sessions
  • Detailed email breakdowns
  • Full audio example files transferred via WeTransfer.

Lessons are entirely flexible in what you take on and you decide the pace. It can be comprised entirely of pre-prescribed lessons from the engineer or just 100% feedback on your own work, it's up to you. A typical hour would be:

  • 30 minutes offline: Engineer examines your work. Emails feedback and audio suggestions.
  • 30 minutes online: Skype consultation giving 1-to-1 tutoring and answering any questions.

What you need

Any level of experience will be considered. We do ask that you have some material that you can work with so please have ready:

  • One or more tracks that you have mastered yourself or want to master.
  • An enthusiasm to learn some great techniques!


  • Please contact to arrange a price
  • Rates are per hour
  • Can be split into 30 minute blocks if required
  • 30-day money back guarantee

How to start

Get in touch with us on our contact page.
Alternatively email us direct: teaching [AT] balancemastering [DOT] com

We only have a handful of slots so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or want further information!