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More and more of the best music you hear today is written, recorded and produced at home or in a small project studio. Computers are faster than ever, equipment is now cheap and the internet has become the perfect medium to advertise and distribute your music, both locally and around the world. If you’re willing to put in the work you can write, record and produce your own original music for next to nothing. However, if someone listens to a track you’ve made and it doesn't sound good compared to other artists, all that hard work will have gone to waste. If your music doesn’t sound professional, you won’t get noticed.

Mastering has never been more important. Making your song sound as professional as the artists you admire makes all the difference. If you sound as good on YouTube through a mobile phone as you do on vinyl through a club soundsystem, your fans can suspend their disbelief and focus on appreciating great new music.

In line with the changing times, Balance Mastering was formed to provide a high quality analogue mastering service for musicians looking to make their online streams and digital releases sound as professional as possible. With increasing demand we’ve now branched out to provide more traditional formats such as CD and vinyl but our focus remains the same: Giving you high quality professional sound, at a price you can afford.

John Flynn – Mastering Engineer and Founder
Eleanor Ford – Bookings and Client Services

Why Balance?

Sound great on all systems

From earbuds, laptops and car stereos to multi kilowatt Funktion One rigs, make your music impress whatever it plays on.

Sound great on all formats

  • Online Streams
  • Digital downloads
  • Vinyl

Let us look after the requirements of different playback formats so you can concentrate on what’s important: creating brilliant new music.

Analogue sound quality

Our Avalon vacuum tube compression and EQ gives your music warmth and clarity that can’t be achieved with digital plugins.

Accurate monitoring

Worry less about your mixes. With our ‘A’ grade monitoring and conversion by PMC and Lavry we can hear and correct any mix issues.

Unlimited revisions and flexible customer service

  • Free mastering sample clip
  • Communicative, personally tailored service
  • 1-3 working day turnaround
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Free Sample Clip
Analogue Mastering
Affordable Pricing
Unlimited Revisions
Money Back Guarantee

£20 per track

~$33.50 / ~€26.50 @ 28th Oct 2014

Previous clients

For more details of our previous work see our blog.

Try us now for free

Upload a song to us now and experience our full service. We’ll create a free mastering sample clip so you can hear our work on your own music.

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Although finished tracks are preferred, you’re also encouraged to send old material, new sketches or rough mixes to hear what level of improvement can be achieved at the mastering stage. We’re happy to give feedback on your mixes as they are taking shape.